Third-Party Reproduction

LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples, single parents and those with certain infertility diagnoses can all benefit from our third-party reproduction services. Third-party reproduction means prospective parents or individuals need the help of another person whether it be a donor or gestational carrier to have a child.

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Donor sperm recipients

Donor sperm can help couples with male-factor infertility, single women and LGBTQIA+ individuals achieve pregnancy. Sperm donors may be anonymous, or someone the sperm recipient knows.

Used with IUI or IVF

Egg donor recipients

When a woman can’t get pregnant using her own eggs or doesn’t want to risk passing along a genetic disorder to her child, she can receive eggs donated by another woman, fertilize them via IVF, and greatly improve her chances of pregnancy.

Who can donor eggs help?

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Using a gestational carrier

A gestational carrier (surrogate) is needed when a woman cannot carry a healthy pregnancy to term, or for same sex male couples who wish to build their family.

How it works

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LGBTQIA+ family building

LGBTQIA+ couples and individuals often need reproductive services to build their family. These include testing, a gestational carrier, and donations of eggs, sperm or embryos.

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We have a third-party reproductive team dedicated to this specialized form of treatment. Click on the contact us button to request information or to speak with our third-party coordinator.

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