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Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey age limitations

There is no shortage of media coverage announcing the newest record for the world’s oldest mother, thanks in part to advances in medical technology and the fact that today’s 40- and 50-year-olds are healthier than in the past.

Despite medical technology making it possible for older women to become pregnant, there are serious risks. Women older than 40 are more likely to have pregnancy problems such as diabetes, preeclampsia, premature birth, and a low birth weight baby, as well as placental problems.

The Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey follows guidelines established by American Society for Reproductive Medicine, including:

  • Accepts new patients before their 50th birthday.
  • Offers IVF for patients who want to use their own eggs up to their 45th birthday.
  • Offers IVF for patients who want to use donor eggs up to their 51st birthday.
  • For patients aged 49 and over who already have frozen embryos in storage, embryo transfer is recommended by age 51 but available up to their 52nd birthday.

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