Causes of Male Infertility

Recent studies have revealed that the incidence of male infertility is equal to that of female infertility, affecting approximately 40% of infertile couples.

Some causes of male infertility include vasectomy, low sperm count, and the inability to ejaculate. While testosterone production does decline as men age, a link between age and male infertility has not been proven.

Usually, male factors involve age and lifestyle issues or genetic-associated causes.

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Male Infertility Sperm Basics

Problems with sperm can contribute to male infertility. RSC New Jersey addresses sperm count, production & movement for fertility treatment

Age & Lifestyle Factors

Male infertility can be due to problems affecting sperm, but men can also develop problems later in life due to illness, injury or lifestyle factors.

Genetic Causes

Genetic factors can be a common cause of sperm abnormalities causing male infertility. Fertility treatment includes ICSI, IVF & PGD testing of the embryo.