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To Our New Fertility Patients

Compassionate care with a boutique experience

The Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey (RSCNJ) seeks to meet the special needs of each couple experiencing fertility problems. We make our patients feel like guests in our home, and the entire RSC staff takes part in their emotional journey. We will go to any extent to answer your questions, allay all fears, share with you the joys and disappointments of the infertility process and help identify the best treatment to help you get pregnant and have a baby.

We pride ourselves in offering a unique fertility experience, one that our patients appreciate and trust. Our treatments and techniques are the most advanced. And the depth of our staff’s experience ensures the customized care that brings the best results. Our financing options help make care as affordable as possible. And we provide convenience through services like telehealth.

Our experienced staff members fully understand the difficult emotional and medical challenges that confront infertility patients. They strive to make patients feel calm, comfortable and confident throughout their course of treatment.

This is an essential part of the boutique experience we provide for all our patients. At RSCNJ, you will not feel like a number in a big fertility practice, but will feel like the person you are. We take the time to get to know you and your concerns, so we can best customize your care. Being small isn’t the defining aspect of providing a boutique experience, though ours is not a large practice.

The heart of our service, in both medical treatment and emotional understanding, is our dedication to you. As a fertility practice and as individuals, we are committed to our patients’ well-being and success in building a family.

Some fertility clinics are laser focused on success rates. For us, success is best measured in the feelings of our patients in knowing we have all tried our best and that we have been as supportive as possible.

State-of-the-art treatment

There are many reasons why a woman or a couple may have difficulty conceiving a child. Some find that simply talking to a fertility specialist may help them identify ways to improve their chances or determine if they require specialized treatment.

Our infertility center provides a wide range of services from the basic fertility evaluation to the most advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities including IVF (in vitro fertilization) and IUI (intrauterine insemination).

RSCNJ combines a commitment to sensitive care with a state-of-the-art program. Members of our team are widely recognized for their expertise and success in assisting reproduction. Once the cause of infertility has been determined, a plan can be customized for the patient to fit their unique situation and move them along on the path to conceiving a child. Your specialist will work with you and your partner to find the right fertility treatment.

If you’re ready to start on the road to parenthood, we can help.

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What to expect during your initial consultation

After we have taken all of your demographic information on your initial call to us, we will ask you to verify that we have the correct information when you arrive for your initial consultation. Please also take a moment to review our HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices.

Our fertility specialists will also review the information about your medical history and fertility concerns. This is also a good time for you to get acquainted with the fertility specialist who will care for you.

Next, your fertility specialist will review the information that you and your partner provide to establish the role that both female and male infertility factors may play in your individual situation.

Telehealth for faster appointments

Our physicians are committed to providing you with convenient care and are now offering telehealth visits so you can get started with, or continue, your fertility planning while staying safe at home.

Telehealth Consult

Patient portal

For your convenience, we now offer a patient portal. Prior to your visit, please login to the portal (instructions below) to complete your new patient questionnaire. If you do not have or don’t remember your password, please contact our office at 732-918-2500. If you are unable to complete the online paperwork, please arrive at the office 30-45 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

We look forward to meeting with you and assisting you with your needs.

Login to the patient portal

If you have a user ID and password, please sign in. If you have not been assigned a user ID and password, please contact the office: 732-918-2500.

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Additional patient portal information

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Financing options

Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey provides financial solutions for fertility treatment, including loans and the Attain IVF program. Find out more about how we make it possible for you to realize your dream of having a baby.

Our Financing Options


Our reproductive endocrinologists understand that visiting a fertility center can be intimidating, and they strive to make the process as stress-free as possible. Please contact us if you are facing infertility.

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