Fertility Services

Below are RSC of New Jersey’s procedures and services, including infertility treatment and surgeries.

What We Do

Female Fertility Evaluation

Fertility testing for the female partner is an evaluation of ovarian reserve, ovulation & endometrial lining to determine the best treatment for infertility

Male Fertility Evaluation & Treatments

Male infertility affects 40% of couples and RSC New Jersey fertility specialists diagnose through semen analysis. Infertility treatment includes ICSI & IVF.

Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatment can be combined with fertility medications using partner or donor sperm for male factor & unexplained infertility.

Ovulation Induction

Ovulation induction is the use of hormonal medications to stimulate production & release of eggs for fertilization in women having trouble getting pregnant.


RSCNJ offers hysteroscopy, laparoscopy to treat endometriosis and minimally invasive robotic surgery as infertility treatment options

Fertility Preservation

Cryopreservation is the freezing and storage of mature eggs or embryos, whether for medical or social reasons, for later use in assisted reproductive treatments. This technology can give a woman the potential to conceive in the future if she is unable to become pregnant naturally or if she would like to delay becoming a parent.

Third-Party Reproduction

Third-party reproduction options include using donor eggs, donor sperm and a gestational carrier (a form of surrogacy).

Gestational Carrier (Surrogate)

A gestational carrier is a surrogate carrying a pregnancy with the embryo created by the egg & sperm of the intended parents through IVF.

Infertility Counseling

RSCNJ offers counseling to cope with stresses of male & female infertility, fertility treatment and counseling for egg & sperm donors and recipients.

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