Infertility Financing Options

ARC IVF Refund Program

IVF Refund: ARC FinancingReproductive Science Center of New Jersey understands your concerns and has partnered withAdvanced Reproductive Care, Inc. (ARC), to provide you with the most affordable options.

ARC is the nation’s largest network of fertility specialists, who along with their network of physicians, are committed to making the cost of fertility treatments predictable and affordable. Together, we support couples through their journey and help fulfill their dreams of having a baby.

With ARC, a number of affordable options are available for patients to choose from:

For additional information about these patient options, and to help you maximize your opportunity for having a baby, while minimizing your financial risk, please call or visit:

Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. – Get Started

Call ARC’s toll free number 1-888-990-2727 and speak with a Patient Services Specialist for personalized care.


WINFertilityThe WINFertility Quality Discount Treatment Program is offered to patients who have no advanced infertility insurance coverage or who have exhausted their benefits and seek an efficient, economical way to obtain and pay for fertility treatment. Click here to view a list of frequently asked questions.

WINFertility offers fertility financing options that make treatment even more manageable. The program includes both advanced medical treatment and fertility medications in a single, discounted ‘bundled’ price for each cycle. Treatment Bundle Prices for IUI, IVF and Third Party Reproduction are 10% to 40% less than fee-for service medical fees and retail pharmacy rates in the Central New Jersey area for comparable programs. There are no clinical or age requirements to participate.

Pay-As-You-Go Treatment

The WINFertility Program offers ‘pay as you go’ bundles that include fertility treatment and infertility medications for each single cycle. Should you require another attempt, WIN’s discounted prices are usually more affordable than paying for multiple cycles that you may never need, giving you the most control over your finances and treatment.

Full information on the WINFertility Quality Discount Treatment Program

Fertility treatment loans

In addition to your own credit options, we provide access to SpringstoneSM Patient Financing to finance your fertility treatments, including our Attain® IVF Programs.

Springstone Patient Financing benefits include:

  • Coverage – Springstone is available for fertility treatments ranging from $2,000 – $40,000.
  • Low Monthly Payments – Springstone offers the lowest available interest rates and terms from 18 to 84 months – there’s a plan for virtually every budget.
  • Flexibility – You can pay off your loan anytime with no prepayment penalty.
  • Optimum Care – Springstone Patient Financing makes fertility treatment affordable and attainable.
  • Convenience – Apply for a loan online now!

Military Treatment Discounts

Military discount imageOur men and women in uniform put their lives on the line every day to protect us. Their jobs are incredibly hard and stressful, and we are all in debt to their service. That’s why, at RSCNJ, we offer special discounted services to members of the military and their families.

RSCNJ’s In-House Discount Program

If you would like to learn more about our special IVF treatment military discount, please call any of our practice locations for more information.

Compassionate Corps

RSCNJ is proud to partner with EMD Serono Fertility for their Compassionate Corps Program. This program provides free fertility medications to those who are eligible. If you are a veteran or the spouse of a veteran who is suffering from infertility, visit EMD Serono’s website for program information, eligibility requirements, and enrollment.

Fertility Treatment Savings

Options include self-pay discounts or insurance coverage to help you with costs. Programs include:

  • Compassionate Care
  • CoPay Card Program
  • GO Direct to Savings