RSC New Jersey Doctors and Staff holding babiesBaby Photo Album

As fertility specialists, our ultimate goal is to help you reach yours: having a baby.

Here are some faces brought into the world via infertility treatments at RSC New Jersey!



Dr. Ziegler & Luci

Dr. Ziegler & Luci

Baby Samantha


Baby Play Time

Play Time

Baby girl Looking Pretty

Looking Pretty

Baby photo of Julia laying on pink roses.


Three children - an older sister and two baby brothers - pose by a Christmas tree.

A Family Christmas

An african american baby lays on her stomach in a pink outfit.

Pretty in Pink

An infant boy smiles, sitting in front of a blue backdrop.

Baby Blue

Baby Barleigh lays on a pink quilt, wearing a pink and white outfit and hat.


Twins David and Jaquelyn lay side by side.

David and Jaquelyn

Baby twins Eva and Sydney sleep soundly

Eva and Sydney

Triplets Hannah, Ethan, and Paul squirm while laying next to each other

Hannah, Ethan, and Paul

A toddler girl in a Christmas dress with a white Christmas background

A little cutie at Christmas

Baby Jackson wears a santa pj outfit while leaning near a Christmas tree.


Baby Josephine sleeps cuddled in her crib with a baby hat on.


A young Kelly plays with a shovel and pale by the ocean.


A young sister and brother pose on oversized Christmas presents.

Two gifts for Christmas

Baby Kristi looks up at the camera with chubby cheeks.


Toddler Michael smiles and poses in overalls.


Infant Michael Thomas poses with his teddy bear.

Michael Thomas

Young Mikey poses near an evergreen tree.


Infant Nicholas lays on a baby blue blanket with a dark blue hat and outfit on.


Infant Stephanie Marie lifts up her head while holding a stuffed lamb.

Stephanie Marie

Infant twins sleep side by side while wearing Christmas stocking caps.

Christmas Twins

A baby smirks while taking a bath in the kitchen sink.

Bath time, baby

Baby siblings Tyler and Alyssa play and pose.

Tyler and Alyssa


Ryan & Keira

Ryan & Keira