Fertility Treatment with Donor Sperm

When the diagnosis is male infertility, couples may consider using a sperm donor.

The couple or woman selects a donor based on physical and educational characteristics.

Donor sperm is acquired from an approved sperm bank and shipped to our office prior to the beginning of the recipient’s menstrual cycle. A known sperm donor could be used. (Ex: the male partners brother, nephew, etc.) This would require the semen sample to be screened, just as if the person was to donate to a sperm bank. The samples are stored in liquid nitrogen and thawed on the morning of insemination.

We strongly suggest that couples opting for a sperm donor meet with a counselor to discuss the possible long-term implications for families formed as a result of this treatment.

Some areas of potential difficulty that should be considered include the possible curiosity of a child regarding his or her genetic heritage, the discontinuity of traditional connectedness experienced in the parent/child relationship, and the various feelings that might crop up in the future.

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