Patient Testimonial: Jessica, Danielle and Nico

I’m Jessica. And I’m Danielle. And this is Nico

Jessica’s patient testimonial

We met through mutual friends about six years ago. We got married two years ago, and we had
him in May of last year.

The best option for us

When we made the decision to start a family, we started with our ob/gyn who highly
recommended Reproductive Science Center. We did thorough research, and after researching
all of our options, we found that Reproductive Science Center was the best option for us.


We were overwhelmed with joy that we had found such a warm place to start a family and a
clinic that cared about what we thought and what we felt. They really took the time to explain
everything to us. They made us feel included, they didn’t make us feel like any question was a
dumb question. They also took the time to answer our questions, and we would call
on the phone and we would just give our names and they immediately knew who we were. It
didn’t matter if we went to the Eatontown office, Tom’s River office, they all knew us. They all
were on this journey with us from the very beginning, and we felt that they were our family and
we still do.

Excellent care and compassion

The staff went above and beyond with excellent care and compassion. We had a couple
obstacles and bumps in the road. Even when you feel down, they lift your spirits and they bring
you in the office and they start the ball rolling again. And throughout the journey it might be a
little tough, but in the end it’s well worth it.

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