Patient Story: Taylor and Michael

Needed a little help


My name is Taylor Maresca, and this is my husband, Mike Maresca. We met in college back in
2006 and we started dating soon after. So we’ve been together for a really long time. We got
married in 2016 and spent a few years just enjoying newlywed life before we started trying to
have a baby.

We started thinking about starting a family of our own and we stopped our birth control and
started the journey. And we realized pretty quickly that we were running into some obstacles
and that we would probably need a little help.

We saw a lot of larger networks of doctors in our areas – big national groups. But we really
wanted something that was a little more intimate, a little bit smaller, a place where maybe
people would actually know our name. And we read really great things about Dr. Martinez and
Dr. Ziegler and the practice.

They made it easy every step of the way

We decide to give Reproductive Science Center a call and we had a consultation soon after. Dr.
Martinez suggested that we try IVF. We went through two egg retrievals with Reproductive
Science Center. Both were fairly successful. They made it easy every step of the way with a lot
of support. They walked us through all of the steps because you know it’s not easy, but we felt
very supported. We had our first transfer, and it was successful and I’m currently 14 weeks


One thing I always found extremely helpful from Dr. Martinez was he was very straight – never
too high, never too low. When things were really bad, it was never the end of the world. When
things were really, really good, there’s something to look forward to and kind of around the
corner to be mindful of what came next. So, he kept us very humble and kind of kept us on the
path, which is very important.

Patient story with a team of doctors and nurses

You need to understand what you’re getting into before you enter that process. And you also
need a support system – obviously family and friends – but a team of doctors and nurses who
not only know what they’re doing from a medical perspective but also from a human
perspective, because so much of this process is how you handle your own emotions. The doctor
can only tell you so much, but you need that human interaction, you need someone who
understands how to talk to individuals and kind of lead them step by step.

We’ve also had some help along the way with some friends of friends and people who have
supported us. So it’s always been our hope that one day we’d be able to get to this point and be
able to provide some hope for others as well.

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