Kindergarten Couple Starts Family 35 Years Later

“RSCNJ went to bat for us”

Patti and Peter met in kindergarten and went through grade school and high school together. After losing touch for a number of years, they reconnected and fell in love. Due to their age, Patti and Peter knew they may need fertility treatments in order to start their family.

After their first visit to RSCNJ, Patti and Peter felt this was the fertility center that would help them have their baby. They got to know Dr. William Ziegler through their fertility treatments. RSCNJ advocated for them with their insurance company to get the in vitro fertilization (IVF) covered.

RSCNJ opened their eyes to the possibility of egg donation which eventually allowed Patti to become pregnant. Patti and Peter now have their small miracles.

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