Dr. Alan Martinez Offers Forbes Insights on Genetic Testing Before Pregnancy

Genetic testing can identify fertility issues or health concerns before trying to conceive

Dr. Alan Martinez shares his expertise on genetic testing before pregnancy with Forbes Health. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends those who are pregnant or trying to conceive be tested for being a carrier of a genetic condition.Logo for Forbes Health article on genetic testing with Dr. Martinez | RSC New Jersey Before conception is the optimal time so parents are aware of the possibility of passing genetic conditions to their children. Although this testing cannot determine every possible concern, the goal is to provide people with enough information to make a decision about conception or pregnancy management.

“Individuals have the right to meet with their doctor and explore their options before deciding to pursue genetic testing,” says Dr. Martinez. “Some patients may not believe it is right for them and may not want the information,” he explains. “Although [genetic testing] might be offered or recommended, the patients have the right to leave whatever happens up to chance.”

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