Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey Acquires AIUM Credentials

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(LAUREL, MD) — Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey is pleased to announce our acquisition of ongoing credentials from the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM). Our center became certified in 2017 and we continue to make patient safety a priority as evidenced by our ongoing AIUM credentials.

AIUM certification is a respected mark of excellent clinical practices regarding use of ultrasound technology, including in our infertility testing and other uses in fertility care. AIUM certification shows RSCNJ’s commitment to providing our patients with top quality care in diagnostic ultrasound services. We extend this commitment to every aspect of our fertility treatments.

To become accredited, Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey underwent a rigorous and detailed application process. An AIUM-accredited practice needs to demonstrate and maintain the following:

  • Accurate records of every examination, which are available for easy retrieval and review.
  • Policies that ensure patient safety, prevent infectious disease transmission and protect patient confidentiality.
  • Steps to monitor ultrasound equipment for accurate results and proper maintenance.
  • All the physicians and sonographers in the practice have documented training and experience in ultrasound and have the appropriate credentials for the field.
  • Demonstrated proof of continuing medical education of physicians and sonographers in their medical specialty.
  • Review of reports and patient cases by AIUM to assure accurate interpretation of the ultrasound examinations.

About the AIUM & its credentials

The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine was established as a multidisciplinary organization in 1952 when using ultrasound for medical diagnosis was just beginning. Medical pioneers recognized the potential of this fast-growing imaging modality and agreed on the need to advance the art and science of ultrasound in medicine and research. AIUM creates opportunities for medical professionals to improve their knowledge of ultrasound and its use in patient diagnosis and treatment. Through its programs, education and training, AIUM leads the global multidisciplinary ultrasound community.

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